A Better Organization System for Your Office

Staying productive is important to succeed while on the job, no matter what that job may be. If your space is in shambles, there is potential for chaos. A lack of organization can stunt your productivity and hold you back from being better at what you do. Keep reading to learn how to be more organized and […]



Why the Office is still Essential to your Business

Working from home has become such a big trend in today’s world. Some companies have canceled returns to the office for the rest of 2021 due to the Delta variant running rampant throughout parts of the country. Others have decided to transition to remote work permanently. Working from home is a new norm for some and an[…]



How to make space for the home office

The home office is becoming more and more popular. Companies across the world are offering a part-time or even 100% remote work structure for employees. This change has been embraced by many, but making the ideal work from home space can be difficult. How big do you make the space? What equipment do you need? Is there[…]



Why Cable Management is Important

If you own a small business, there’s always something on your plate. You need to manage inventory, people, customers, incoming and outgoing funds, and so much more. With all of the responsibilities, it can be easy to forget the smaller tasks. One of these is cable management, which can have an impact on your business, employees, and[…]



Why Your Office Still Needs a Printer

An office printer is a staple in an office environment, but recently a paperless office has become popular, which is great and we even encourage it. This trend has made some start to believe a printer is unnecessary, but they truly go hand-in-hand. Having one or the other can leave your office lacking in functionality. Today, we[…]



Why remote support is so important

Remote support should be something that every company has access to. It provides benefits that can be crucial when an emergency hits. We offer remote support to keep your company running smoothly in times of need. Today, we are going into some detail on why remote support is so important.  Fast response time  The down time that’s[…]



How to maximize desk space

Is your desk a mess? Do you often run out of room during the day or just feel cramped and cluttered throughout the day? Well, we have the solution to solve this. This is a common problem in an office setting, whether you’re at home or back to work. Working at home can get real home clutter[…]

When to upgrade your printer graphic



When to upgrade your printer

A new printer for your office is something that is often overlooked. You’ve had the same one for years, it works (for the most part) and the routine is set with it. You buy ink every so often, you know what to buy, and the settings for the printer are comfortable. What if you had something easier[…]

Going green with office equipment



Going Green with Office Equipment

With last week being Earth Day, we wanted to give some tips on how to go green with your office equipment. All of these can help save energy, money, and promote efficiency within your entire workspace.  Turn off lights, heat, and electronics every night This one is simple and you can even take it an extra step[…]

How to save on ink graphic



How to save ink on your printer

Printers are convenient and useful. The most inconvenient part of a printer is wondering how long it will take for it to run out out ink. This is something that can get under anyone’s skin, but we have you covered. Saving ink is so important to the costs of your business. The tips we are covering today[…]