Why a Good Data Backup is Important

Data breaches are becoming more common, whether it be from natural disasters, internal errors, or cybercriminals stealing data. Files stored on your computer are one of the most valuable assets to companies in any industry. To ensure your data files are protected, make sure you have reliable data backup software installed. Read further to see if your data backup software is reliable and reasons why you should have a secured backup. 

Is Yours Reliable?

Data Backups are an essential part of the daily operations of any business to make sure files are secure. The information that your company collects is its most valuable asset. To tell if your data backup is reliable, it should have backups processed daily. This will allow for any new data or changes to existing files to be updated each day. To ensure your data is secured, it should be stored at an off-site location which will make it harder for anyone, other than employees, to access your data files. The data backup software should be working harder for you, so you don’t have to. 

More Threats to Security Now

Threats to security are always on the rise as hackers and cybercriminals find new ways to gain access to data. With a reliable data backup system, the need to worry about someone accessing your important files should be drastically reduced. If the data is backed up to numerous off-site data centers, it will be very challenging to be accessed by outside sources. 

Easily Accessible 

Another aspect to consider is the accessibility of information for employees in your office. The data should not be so unreachable that even employees cannot reach the files. There needs to be a good balance in place to limit the risk of hackers accessing and your employees being able to access the data. This will produce maximum productivity if employees are able to easily reach the data and files they need to perform their work. 

What We Can do to Help 

To ensure that your data backup is reliable, begin using FileMax Data Backup. This software protects your files by using the latest encryption algorithms before they even leave your computer. Then these encrypted files are secured at multiple off-site data centers. Moreso, you can have peace of mind that your files have been backed up daily because an alert will be sent directly to you if the backup failed. Our tech team will remotely correct the issue for you and help with any other issues at no additional cost.

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