Electronic Document Solutions

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Scan, View, Copy, Fax, Print, or Email

Electronic Document Solutions

Imagine keeping all of your paper documents in one place that uses no space in your office. Now imagine that you can find any document – no matter how old – instantly and read it, attach notes to it, print, fax or email it without ever having to leave your desk.

Start imaging with FileMax™, our exclusive document imaging, archiving and retrieval system.

FileMax™ is a comprehensive document imaging, archiving and retrieval solution for any business burdened by excessive paperwork and the need to store it and access it whenever necessary. Complete and customized to suit your individual needs, FileMax™ includes design, software, hardware, installation, and training. A web-based or stand-alone solution, FileMax™ is immediately – and always – available.

With FileMax™ you can completely eliminate all paper files by converting (scanning) existing documents and generating electronic documents for all future legal documents, correspondence, e-mail, faxes – anything. Or you can choose to integrate FileMax’s incredible capabilities with your existing filing system.

Either way, FileMax™ can streamline your information flow and help you increase productivity and efficiency while lowering labor costs significantly.

Imaging is the process of converting existing paper documents to unalterable electronic images.

Typical offices generate thousands upon thousands of individual paper documents monthly, which are stored physically in filing cabinets. And many businesses are required to retain these files – often confidential – for periods of time ranging from years to indefinitely.

To find out how FileMax™ can work for your business, just visit our Contact Us page and send us your contact information. A FileMax™ imaging specialist will call you and set up a free, no-obligation demonstration and needs analysis right in your office.

There are several inherent problems with paper documents:

Large Stacks of Organized Documents


As the record count builds, the physical space needed to house them expands, and at some point, it begins to overtax the available office space. Some businesses must resort to “warehousing” documents off-site at additional cost and with less security.

Man grabbing binder from shelf


Locating specific documents from physical systems is both time- and labor-intensive. And the chance for human error increases with each new file added to the system. Misfiled records may become next to impossible to find.

FileMax™ solves these problems, and more.

Electronic documents are unalterable images of their original counterparts. Encrypted for maximum security and protected via username and password, they are housed on servers or in the cloud and can instantly – and easily – be accessed by any number of users simultaneously.

Electronic documents can be viewed, copied, faxed, e-mailed or printed as necessary. Updated information can be overlaid on any document without altering the original in any way. New documents – whether created by a computer program, an e-mail, a fax, or a scan – can be archived automatically and retrieved at any time via a number of search options, including simple text search. Best of all, these files can never be misfiled or lost.

FileMax™ is the perfect document imaging, archiving and retrieval system for virtually any business burdened by excessive paper documents and the need to keep them on file and accessible for indefinite periods of time.

FileMax™ documents feature a special “marking” technology that prevents them from being altered without detection. They are as valid in any situation – legal or otherwise – as their paper counterparts.

The most secure form of encryption possible is used to safeguard your documents from unauthorized access. The system can only be used by individuals identified by username and password behind your firewall.

Every function and keystroke relative to every individual document is completely traceable at all times. You will always know who is looking at what, for what purpose and for how long. You can even generate a record of what was done with any document. Was it printed? Copied? How many? Faxed or e-mailed? To whom?

Who Needs FileMax™?

Financial Services

Using FileMax™ to manage your paperwork can pay big dividends.

Financial planners and brokers deal with hundreds of paper documents daily, and financial institutions produce even more. The amount of space necessary to store all those files and the labor required to handle them – locate, view, copy, fax, e-mail and/or annotate any given document whenever necessary, then hope it is returned to its proper place in the filing cabinet – is staggering. If your office is overwhelmed with document management, it’s time to invest in a new system.

Medical Services

Managing medical records efficiently requires the proper treatment.

Running out of space to store medical records? Off-site “warehousing” is an option, but not a good one – it’s expensive, and you have severely limited access to the information you need, and even more limited security. But maintaining patient charts and records, insurance cards and information, test reports, etc., on-site is time-consuming and labor-intensive, adding cost and decreasing efficiency. With paper documents, you locate, view, copy, fax, e-mail and/or annotate any given document whenever necessary – then hope that it is returned to its proper place in the filing cabinet. Diagnosis: sick system – find an effective treatment and cure it.