The Evolution of the Office

The office format was simple. One place to get everything done. Well now that’s not so clear, a few trends have led to making that picture a little less simple. First, the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend has led to us always having access to work materials. If you can’t get it done within office hours, do it somewhere else, you have your own device. Traveling and there’s an important meeting, BYOD. This has made it convenient and more work is getting done. 

The second trend was almost forced on the world in 2020 when the pandemic made people work from home. Conveniently a lot of us were already participating in the BYOD to work trend so we had at least the minimum requirements to work from home. Both of these have raised a question: Do we need to work in an office? The answer may surprise you. 

Creating productivity

Being productive and efficient is important in any job. How much can you get done in a given amount of time? The office was designed to do that. A space to be while working. The equipment is provided and there’s no need to worry once you leave because you won’t have the tools to help you. 

BYOD is helping people be productive at any time in case they need to be. Be more productive if you can be. Take this one step further and you get the work from home trend. Be productive all of the time. Have everything you need right in front of you to do your work from the comfort of your own home. Any time of day or night, you can get a lot of things done! 

Where to work now?

Both of these trends that have worked to this point have led us to believe that we can be productive from anywhere. Not just from home, but from the beach, the mountains, your couch, far from headquarters? All seem like decent options, you’re surrounded by whatever you want to be and you can still get work done from the device of your choice. 

The Best Design Yet

The conclusion we have come to is that a hybrid model can be the most successful “office” there is. If you need the quiet to work from home to focus on a one man project, take the time. If you need a place conducive to productivity with others, come to the office. Working face to face with others when projects need to be completed can help get things done in a more timely manner. Each person works differently and that’s the key discovery during all of this. 

If maximizing productivity in a given amount of time without burning our requires some time at home and some time with others, why not cater to the best results? This means having happy motivated employees who produce better results. We couldn’t think of anything better for an organization who wants to get things done.