Do I Unplug The Router Or Not?

On May 25, the FBI issued a public service announcement for everyone to unplug their home or office router. You may be thinking, “My internet seems just fine. Everything is running up to speed.” Do you really need to be concerned with resetting your router?

We Strongly Recommend These Actions Be Taken Asap.

We can email you detailed information from the FBI that lists the actions they recommend. Please let us know if you would like us to assist with these steps.

The FBI has issued a warning that hundreds of thousands of home and office routers have been infected with malware. This dangerous threat can collect information and also render your network inoperable. The FBI recommends the router be rebooted to temporarily disrupt the malware. Owners are also advised to disable remote management settings and secure the devices with strong passwords. They should also be upgraded to the latest firmware.

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Here’s A Summary Of The FBI Notice And How To Reboot Or Reset A Router

In the warning, the FBI mentions that they didn’t yet know much about the origins of the initial infections, but the attack has grown significantly. Hundreds of thousands of routers in both homes and offices have been infected with malware known as VPNFilter. Since then we’ve heard that an unidentified group of cybercriminals may have mounted a large-scale attack on networked devices across the globe.

Symantec, a cybersecurity firm, has published a list of devices that are known to be more vulnerable to this type of attack. The article states that most of the devices targeted are tend to use default passwords or the router has not been updated to the latest version of its firmware.

Anytime you are on the phone with any tech help, the first thing you are asked to do is to restart. Rebooting gives your device, a router, a fresh start.

The FBI explains that power-cycling could interrupt the VPNFilter virus, though Symantec has cautioned that this type of attack can persist even after a reboot. If you are using one of the devices that are known to be susceptible to malware, consider resetting your router to factory settings. With this type of reset, you will need to set up your WiFi all over again; sometimes it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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