How to make space for the home office

The home office is becoming more and more popular. Companies across the world are offering a part-time or even 100% remote work structure for employees. This change has been embraced by many, but making the ideal work from home space can be difficult. How big do you make the space? What equipment do you need? Is there some way to make space for this in my small home/apartment? We will answer all of these questions in today’s blog. 

Go Minimalist

Minimalism is a huge trend in home design and can be great for a home office. Simple details, open space, and minimal clutter can create a great work environment. This tip isn’t to make your home office look good (although it probably will be pleasing to the eye), it’s for functionality. Having a small desk just big enough for your home computer or laptop and maybe a document or two on each side will help you save space but remain functional. A simply designed desk without attached drawers, filing cabinets, or any unnecessary attachments will be ideal for saving space and making your workspace comfortable.

Do you need a second monitor? 

A lot of us work with two monitors and it would be a big change to switch to just one at all times. If you’re focused on saving space, the second monitor might have to go. If you need a second monitor, investing in a much smaller second monitor may be a better option. Your home office space might not have the room so, a second monitor may actually hinder your productivity.

Go Paperless

An electronic document solution is something that your company may already have, and it is usually linked to a cloud server. This is great for the home office! It completely eliminates the need for a filing cabinet or any physical document storage device. Everything can be viewed on the device that you work on, so this can be essential to creating an efficient home office.

With the need for no physical documents, you can really separate the home office from your living space so there’s a clear difference between the two. Distractions while working from home can be abundant, and it is beneficial to have a defined space to work in. With a clear-cut separation between the two, you will be able to focus on work while in your home office space.

If your company doesn’t have a paperless solution, we have you covered. Click here to view our electronic document solutions that allow all of your employees to view their documents from anywhere. This can also help with collaboration when everyone isn’t in the same place. If documents can be viewed, edited, and revised all from different places, there’s no need to worry about the productivity of remote workers.

Remote work will most likely be in your future at some point. Finding the best way to adapt and staying focused while enjoying your space will help you make the change. Follow these tips and check back for more information!