How to Stay Connected with a Hybrid Office

Working from home has been extremely popular since the covid-19 outbreak, and for some, it has become a permanent solution. Another popular trend is a hybrid office. This is where some days are spent working from home while others are spent in the office.

Typically in a hybrid situation, some employees work on specific days while others work on opposite days. This will keep the number of people there at one time to a minimum. While it is great that we are working in person again, communication can be more complicated. People are in so many different places in a hybrid office. If you and your company have adapted to a hybrid-style office, follow the following tips so that you can make this transition easily. 

Communicate at all Times

In any setting, this should be a top priority, but it’s more important now than ever. Keeping in touch with your coworkers is more important. Staying connected will keep everyone on the same page and ensure that nothing slips through the cracks. Using project management software and scheduling regular meetings to discuss ongoing projects can keep everyone updated. Everyone will be aware of what’s happening in all departments and within your team. Being aware of everything going on within your organization should be stressed even more than before. 

Stay Organized Everywhere

In a hybrid setting, you’ll have more than one workspace, so staying organized is crucial to keeping productivity high. One solution to this is a cloud service to backup your data and documents. We offer a solution just for this and you can click HERE to find out more. This solution will make it possible for you to have all of your data and documents in one, easy to find a place. You won’t have to lug around large folders of everything you need for every meeting. Within the FileMax system, your data will be safely stored and it will take one search to find whatever you need. 

Stay on Task

Not carrying work over from day-to-day is so important in a hybrid situation. Stay on task and get one project done at a time so that you aren’t working on them in two different places. This can interrupt the flow of work and progress that you worked so hard on initially. Getting something done can also free you up for more communication time so that work can stay as productive as possible. 

Make Use of Time in the Office

Time in the office is invaluable. Working face to face won’t present the same problems that online communication presents. The tone is clear when speaking, video calls aren’t interrupted by bad home internet, kids aren’t in the background yelling, and you are in an environment conducive to getting work done. That’s why getting back into the office, at least part of the time, was always the goal. Working from home has worked, but being in the office is great for most of the workforce. 

A hybrid office might be a trend that stays, so getting used to communicating with people who are near and far is something that your company should be adapting to. There is also room for personal growth because you can learn to operate in more than one space at a time.