Why the Office is still Essential to your Business

Working from home has become such a big trend in today’s world. Some companies have canceled returns to the office for the rest of 2021 due to the Delta variant running rampant throughout parts of the country. Others have decided to transition to remote work permanently. Working from home is a new norm for some and an adjustment for those who work in an office. A smooth return is still important for success. An office can provide things like communication, maintaining company culture, and having a central place to meet. These are all essential for feeling like you belong in an organization. Once it is safe for everyone to return, here are some things to look forward to. 


When you’re in the office, communication is much easier for everyone. A lot of offices are open concept to promote collaboration and teamwork. Simply looking to your left can lead you to a team member for help. Some offices still have cubicles or separate rooms for your own office. In this case, a short stroll can bring you to a coworker who can help. Communication goes deeper than just getting help from a coworker. The social aspect of seeing other faces consistently and creating real connections can boost employee morale. Having a “social life” at work can provide a sense of belonging and family within the office. This can boost creativity and teamwork which can set you apart from your competition. 

To go along with a better social aspect of life at work, being in the office can reduce stress because you have people to lean on. Working on a stressful project can be worse if you’re locked up at home or waiting for a teammate to help virtually. 


In today’s world, culture is an extremely important part of every company. Group lunches, water cooler conversations about the big game, or showing off your new shoes to everyone are all little things that can go away when outside of the office. Culture is made up of those who are inside of your organization and if you have people in one location who interact on a regular basis, then the culture will be determined. If you’re constantly at home then it might start to feel like a personal culture rather than a company culture. 

Home Base

Having a place where everyone in your organization can rely on to get things done with people that they can count on, is crucial to your success as a business. Online meetings are great, and have allowed the work-from-home options to be realistic for a lot of companies, but being face to face and interacting can allow your team to accomplish more. The virtual meeting, electronic document solutions, and cloud architectures have all helped us get through work during the pandemic. Integrating all of these things back into the office can take your company to new heights. 

All of these elements make a company better, boost culture and keep your employees happy.  When there is one hub where people are interacting and still taking advantage of things like cloud architecture and virtual meetings, your company can become more efficient than ever.