The Evolution of the Office

The office format was simple. One place to get everything done. Well now that’s not so clear, a few trends have led to making that picture a little less simple. First, the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend has led to us always having access to work materials. If you can’t get it done within office hours, […]



How to Keep Your Office Healthy

As the weather changes, you may realize your employees are requiring more sick days to stay home and rest. During these colder months, it’s important to ensure all of your employees and visitors are healthy in the work environment. Germs are everywhere and with a number of viruses going around, it is crucial to keep your office[…]



Why a Good Data Backup is Important

Data breaches are becoming more common, whether it be from natural disasters, internal errors, or cybercriminals stealing data. Files stored on your computer are one of the most valuable assets to companies in any industry. To ensure your data files are protected, make sure you have reliable data backup software installed. Read further to see if your[…]



Is the Hybrid Model Right for You?

One challenge this pandemic has presented us all with is the unpredictability of day-to-day life. This includes the different ways of attending work. Many offices have realized the benefits of remote working, such as reduced costs and increased productivity of the team members. However, as the pandemic continues to evolve, going into the office is an option[…]



How Much Tech is Needed in Your Office?

The COVID-19 Pandemic has created many new challenges for offices everywhere, including the office setup and dynamic. Many offices have transitioned into fully remote work or a hybrid setting for most of their employees. Although these changes were necessary to continue with the business, it could have been a tough transition if the right technology was not[…]



How to Stay Connected with a Hybrid Office

Working from home has been extremely popular since the covid-19 outbreak, and for some, it has become a permanent solution. Another popular trend is a hybrid office. This is where some days are spent working from home while others are spent in the office. Typically in a hybrid situation, some employees work on specific days while others[…]



A Better Organization System for Your Office

Staying productive is important to succeed while on the job, no matter what that job may be. If your space is in shambles, there is potential for chaos. A lack of organization can stunt your productivity and hold you back from being better at what you do. Keep reading to learn how to be more organized and[…]



Why the Office is still Essential to your Business

Working from home has become such a big trend in today’s world. Some companies have canceled returns to the office for the rest of 2021 due to the Delta variant running rampant throughout parts of the country. Others have decided to transition to remote work permanently. Working from home is a new norm for some and an[…]



How to make space for the home office

The home office is becoming more and more popular. Companies across the world are offering a part-time or even 100% remote work structure for employees. This change has been embraced by many, but making the ideal work from home space can be difficult. How big do you make the space? What equipment do you need? Is there[…]



Why Cable Management is Important

If you own a small business, there’s always something on your plate. You need to manage inventory, people, customers, incoming and outgoing funds, and so much more. With all of the responsibilities, it can be easy to forget the smaller tasks. One of these is cable management, which can have an impact on your business, employees, and[…]