4 Ways to Make Your Office Smarter (and more productive!)

With all of the changing technology, it can be hard to stay ahead of the curve on the business front. There is always more and more work, and businesses using more and more technology to try and catch up. While we can’t add more hours to the day, we can make changes to surroundings to make our […]

Since When Did Choosing a Whiteboard Become so Difficult?

Did you know there are multiple types of whiteboards? How you use the whiteboard and maybe even your profession, is important decision criteria for the right marker board. Price is another criteria; some boards are more expensive due to the material used to construct the board. Whiteboard materials are either melamine, porcelain, or glass. So how do[…]

The Paperless Office: Really?

The Paperless Office: Really? The Paperless Office. It’s been “on the way” for at least 25 years. Yet paper is still here. Everywhere. In folders (“for review”), on desks, in the output trays of your copiers and printers. And the largest accumulation of paper is in those omnipresent blue or green recycle bins.  Paper is still prominent[…]