Why Your Office Still Needs a Printer

An office printer is a staple in an office environment, but recently a paperless office has become popular, which is great and we even encourage it. This trend has made some start to believe a printer is unnecessary, but they truly go hand-in-hand. Having one or the other can leave your office lacking in functionality. Today, we are discussing why an office printer is still needed in today’s world. 


If your company goes paperless, you have made a step to become more technologically advanced, and you’re conscious of your carbon footprint. Not everyone thinks like this, so all of your clients and customers probably aren’t 100% paperless. One common scenario is a mom and pop shop who aren’t computer savvy who may not be able to navigate an all digital platform. The best solution is to deliver physical copies from your printer to those who still require them.

Physical Touch is Important 

A printer is still needed to communicate things in the form of actual visuals. Sometimes a physical connection is needed for someone to understand and connect with whatever is being communicated on a page. This can be a graphic, poster, or a larger print the entire office is looking at during a meeting. Communication is key to success in any business so communicating in the clearest way is important. A good clear office printer can do this. 

Don’t limit yourself 

If you are trying to reach an audience about any service or product your business offers, digital platforms are dominating the market. Trying to reach people through physical print copies might be worth your time depending on what market you’re in. Don’t limit yourself to being all digital when a simple printer might help you grow that much more. 

Works Hand in Hand with a Paperless Solution

We have already said you cannot have one of these without the other. If you go all digital, you can limit yourself in different areas. If you only have a printer, then you’re missing out on a huge part of today’s world. 

Whether you’re looking for a paperless solution or a brand new printer to help elevate your business, we can help! Call us today to find out how.