When to upgrade your printer graphic

When to upgrade your printer

A new printer for your office is something that is often overlooked. You’ve had the same one for years, it works (for the most part) and the routine is set with it. You buy ink every so often, you know what to buy, and the settings for the printer are comfortable. What if you had something easier to use, was faster than your current printer, is compatible with your wifi, and has other capabilities that will be useful to you? It might be time to upgrade your printer and we’re going to give you some tips on some questions to ask when you think it might be time. 

Does it fit your needs?

Are your current needs fulfilled by your current printer? Is it too slow? Does it scan? Is it compatible with your wifi network? These are all things that are necessary in a modern office and upgrading to something that does all of these things (maybe even more) is essential to maximizing the work that your employees are doing. If they aren’t worried about fixing a printer or waiting too long for something to print, they can get back to their work quicker.

How is the Quality?

Quality can be an issue, especially if your documents are being shown to customers and clients. Presentation is everything, even in a text document, sharpness and clarity will leave a lasting impression on your customers. Along with leaving a lasting impression on your clients, a graphic or color printout can be altered if the quality is bad. Making sure you prints are the highest quality can be an important part of your business.

Evaluate Speed and Costs

The speed of your printer is one of the most important features it has. Printing speed is always listed at the top of the features list for a reason, it matters. Nobody wants to sit and wait for a document while they can be back at their desk working. 

Costs that go into your printer are maintenance and ink. If your printer has to be restarted constantly, or if it is always breaking, it’s probably time for a maintenance call or for an upgrade, depending on the age of your equipment. The cost of ink has also been reduced over time with the innovation in the printing industry, so if you find yourself buying too much ink, a new printer could be a viable option. 

How is it internally?

We briefly discussed how maintenance and system problems with your printer can be costly to your employees productivity, but what about physical numbers? A service call on an older printer can cost as much as $330 each time. If this happens multiple times in one month, you could have probably collected enough for a new printer or at least have gotten started. You may also be losing some valuable time for employees if your printer is constantly down. 

If you hear banging, clicking and grinding when you print, it is most likely time for a maintenance call. Printing solutions can be difficult to determine and there’s no need to worry, we can help! Call us today for assistance with determining if you need a new printer, or if the printer needs a simple checkup.