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How to save ink on your printer

Printers are convenient and useful. The most inconvenient part of a printer is wondering how long it will take for it to run out out ink. This is something that can get under anyone’s skin, but we have you covered. Saving ink is so important to the costs of your business. The tips we are covering today will help you save on ink costs.

Know your printer

Knowing how much ink will be used each time you print a document can help you plan for ink costs. This can tell you when and how much ink you will need in the future. If your printers default settings are set to a higher resolution, it may be using a significantly higher amount of ink. Knowing is half the battle, and once you know, you can act. 

Buy in bulk

Buying in Bulk can help to make sure that you don’t run out of ink and that you are getting the biggest bang for your buck when you buy. You will always have a surplus if you order on time and purchase a large amount. A lot of ink sellers offer discounts if you buy in bulk as well which is an added bonus if you are able to do this. 

Use grayscale whenever possible

Your typical black and white printout is most likely using more than just black ink. This can deplete your supply of other colors when they aren’t even necessary for the job. If you are able to choose an only grayscale print on non color jobs, it may save you a lot of color ink in the long run. 

Does it really need to be printed?

Other than saving trees, this solution can save ink! Do you print too much or too often? If a printout is something that is just for reading, an email to a coworker/customer can be just as effective and you will be saving ink. Assess every print job you make and ask yourself “Is this really necessary?”. 

Maintenance is key

Running simple maintenance checks on your printer can save ink in the long run. Paper jams, dirty printheads and more can cause ink cartridges to leak. Running maintenance checks should be easy, just visit the website of your printer manufacturer and there should be a guide available if you do not have the instruction manual. 

Do you need an upgrade?

Is your printer around 5 years old? If that’s the case, you may want to look into upgrading your printing solutions might be in your best interest. Newer printers use less ink for the same jobs, are compatible with almost any device, and can even alert you when it needs more ink. Call us today to find out what printing solution we offer is best for you and your business! 

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