Going green with office equipment

Going Green with Office Equipment

With last week being Earth Day, we wanted to give some tips on how to go green with your office equipment. All of these can help save energy, money, and promote efficiency within your entire workspace. 

Turn off lights, heat, and electronics every night

This one is simple and you can even take it an extra step by turning off lights and electronics when the space isn’t being used throughout the day. This is so simple and it can save your energy as well as reduce the costs of your utility bills. If you really want to make this part of your office space, use energy efficient light bulbs that can make your office even more energy efficient. 

Invest in Better Office Equipment

If your office equipment is at least five years old, it might be time for an upgrade. The newer the equipment, the more likely it is that it was made to produce less waste and use less energy. A common example would be a printer. Newer printers are built to waste less ink and make the ink last longer. Energy efficient office equipment is also a trend in this industry. 

Go Paperless

Going paperless with your office solutions can save substantial waste that your company produces. Physical files won’t have to be sorted and this will make it easier for employees to collaborate on projects or papers. Going paperless provides so many benefits to your business and they are all outlined here

Maximize Natural Light

Having a lot of natural light will reduce energy use for the simple fact that you may not always need lights on throughout your office space. There are other benefits to have more natural light in your office. Studies have shown that employees can be 15% more productive. Peering out of a window can provide an excellent distraction so keeping them a short distance from the windows is also a good idea. 

Going green with your office equipment has so many benefits and it is something that won’t just reduce your carbon footprint. It can help employees to work more efficiently than ever. Call us today to see how we can help with getting your office to go paperless or to update your printing systems to help you go green.