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Electronic Document Solutions

Is your office space cluttered with paper that you don’t have space for anymore? Do you struggle to find documents and papers, even if your physical filing system is organized? Well, our Electronic Document Solution is perfect for you! This solution can help you save space, find documents quickly, and you will never have to leave your desk. 

Saving Space

With our electronic document solution, your documents are stored in the cloud with our FileMax Data Backup system. This allows you to download files and view or print them instantly, without ever leaving your desk. This will save you space because you will never have to file a physical copy of your documents. You can store only the important documents physically, if you absolutely need to. With our FileMax system, documents are always easy to find.

Find Anything Instantly

You will find any document just by simply searching for it in the cloud by name. There is no human error when initially filing the documents. This is great, because physically finding a document in a filing system can take a lot of time for employees, this solution will eliminate that time, so your employees can focus on important work rather than finding a document. This system will simply make the filing process of initially filing documents, retrieving them, and refiling them so much easier. 

Never leave your desk

This entire solution was designed to make your life easier, and the best part about it is that you don’t have to move at all to complete the process. Whether you’re at a standing desk, sitting, or a workplace of your choice documents can be shared, filed, retrieved, and refiled without ever leaving your desk. This will increase productivity and make everyone at your office happier knowing that they don’t have to waste time or energy with physical documents unless it is 100% necessary. We hope that this solution will make your life as easy as it has made ours.