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Top 6 Benefits of Upgrading Your Office Equipment

Top 6 Benefits of Upgrading Your Office Equipment

There is nothing worse than preparing a last-minute presentation and finding out that your printer decides it doesn’t want to work today. We’ve all been there, whether it was in a college dorm or a fifteenth-floor office building. When technology doesn’t work, it makes it hard for us to work. Many times, however, the problem isn’t the technology itself, but the equipment we’re using. Companies, like us, have come up with solutions to minimize and eliminate these types of issues by offering top-of-the-line equipment and expert service to back them up.

We know what you’re thinking: “How much is that going to cost me?” While we offer custom quotes, we hope you’ll take a look at the top six benefits of upgrading your equipment:

Output Quality:

Quality is perhaps the most important reason we purchase anything. No one would buy a printer that only printed every fourth line of text because it was on sale. If you use your printer every day to make thousands of document for three years, wear and tear can affect the quality even with scheduled maintenance. Printing, scanning, and copying technology is always advancing, and it’s always moving toward better quality and being more efficient, which will save you in the long run.

Cost vs. Cost-Efficient:

Multi-function Printers can be expensive, but as we said before, with new technology comes more efficiency. A new MFP can end up saving you more per copy/print, and possibly pay for itself. At Valley Office Solutions, we also give our customers the option to lease MFPs to help keep those monthly costs in check.

Document Scanning:

Wouldn’t it be great if you could take all of those documents in your filing cabinet with you? In recent years, many companies have reported just that. The new office dynamic now scans more documents than they copy, which makes for portable and protectable data.

Stress-free Maintenance:

When equipment starts malfunctioning, it could be a sign that it wasn’t taken care of correctly or it’s just not able to keep up with the rest of the technology anymore. Those malfunctions come at a cost. One solution is to invest in a regular maintenance schedule with your equipment specialists—and in case you didn’t know, that’s us! We offer routine maintenance with each piece of equipment we provide, as well as expert service just in case any problems arise.

Top-of-the-Line Security:

Like the printing abilities, security options advance by leaps and bounds with each model and software update. We have the ability to connect to each piece of our equipment to offer remote support, but also encryption services to make sure that the data you’re scanning stays within your organization and away from malicious hackers.

Productivity & Environmental Efficiencies:

While we already talked about how the quality is better and the costs are lower with new equipment, there are still several other ways that upgrading your equipment can create a more efficient working environment. We now have equipment that prints faster and uses less energy than ever before. The MFPs also have sleep modes and shut down when not in use, which helps to increase energy efficiency and save you money. Finally, with faster printing and user-friendly software updates, productivity increases. There’s no more standing in front of the printer for half an hour putting together presentations, when your MFP can do most of the work for you, in less time.

Investing in upgrading your equipment will end up saving you in the long run, and we’re here to help. When you’re ready to upgrade your office, give us a call for a free consultation at 330-729-1000, chat with us below, or visit our contact page, here.

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